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Useful Pet Info

  • Cat Treats Information Petsmagnet
    December 3, 2020

    Cat Treats Information Petsmagnet

    So why should we treat our cats to some tasty treats?

    These treats come in varying textures and flavours which could be different to their normal cat food. Remember, there is so much selection of treats on the market right now, which can make eating much more interesting for your cat.
    Treats are an excellent way to help bond you with your cat, after all we all like treats from time to time and many owners get great pleasure from treating their cat.

    Likewise, many cats get used to the routine of having a bonding session. 

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  • Looking for Inspiration in Naming Your New Cat?
    November 26, 2020

    Looking for Inspiration in Naming Your New Cat?

    Anyone who has recently purchased a kitten or cat has an important role to play in helping them adapt to their new home and to offer a full and healthy life.
     There are many ways in which we can give our kitten the best care, from vaccination to the nutrition we give.

    However, you now have another decision to make…what to name your new family “cat” member!

    With all these important things to think about, trying to be original and come up with a good name for your new pet can prove a challenge. Every cat is unique, and you may well want a unique cat name to match. 

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  • Advice on having a dog with a sensitive stomach
    November 18, 2020

    Advice on having a dog with a sensitive stomach

    Dogs are omnivores, meaning that they are meant to live on a diet that contains meat and vegetables. Most dogs can eat almost any food, but there are a proportion of dogs that have a much more sensitive stomach. Just like in people, dogs and puppies can both suffer from having a sensitive stomach, with an episode of flatulence or diarrhoea becoming started by the smallest of things.

    What is a sensitive stomach?

    A sensitive stomach is when a dog eats a certain food and causes a digestive upset.
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  • What is Hypo-allergenic Dog Food?
    November 12, 2020

    What is Hypo-allergenic Dog Food?

    The variety of diet you choose to feed your dog will depend on their taste and what works for them. Some dogs have a food intolerance, if this is the case, then Hypoallergenic food for your four-legged friend might be worth considering.
    The words Hypo and Hyper are often used to prefix other words; Hypo has the meaning of low or reduced, whereas Hyper means high or to increase. For example, if you were to describe your dog as hyperactive then they would live a highly active life. 

    What is Hypo-allergenic dog food?

    Hypoallergenic is a food suitable for dogs with allergies.

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  • Should You Choose Grain Free Dog Food?
    November 5, 2020

    Should You Choose Grain Free Dog Food?

     We are a nation of dog lovers, and we all want to ensure that our canine friends remain as happy and healthy as possible.

    One thing we may need to change is our dog’s diet to help improve their digestion, health, and wellbeing.
    There are a wide variety of dog food diets available on the market, so choosing the right one can be overwhelming for many owners. 

    Of course, there are the usual ‘off the shelf’ products, but did you know there are also dog foods on the market which are grain and gluten free?

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  • Royal Canin cat food: a good choice
    October 24, 2020

    Royal Canin cat food: a good choice

    A few words about the history of the brand

    The history of the Royal Canin brand dates back to 1968. It was then that a company was founded in France that produced dog food. The founder believed that the quality of animal nutrition directly affected its health. 

    Over the years, the brand has developed rapidly, gaining the trust of breeders and pet owners. In 2002, the company was taken over the "Masterfood" division of the "Mars" brand. Its offices are located in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Canada and Russia. 

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  • You ask, we answer: Royal Canin dog food
    October 23, 2020

    You ask, we answer: Royal Canin dog food

    Royal Canin dog food is known even to those who do not have pets, it is recommended by veterinarians and  trusted by pet owners. And all this for a reason. Royal Canin dog food has a healthy food composition and a wide variety of diets for all representatives of the dog breeds. In this article, we will answer the most controversial questions of dog owners.

    1. Where is Royal Canin food made?

    The Royal Canin company began to produce pet food in 1968 in France. Its founder is a French veterinarian Jean Cathary.

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  • Food allergies in dogs, causes, symptoms, treatment
    October 17, 2020

    Food allergies in dogs, causes, symptoms, treatment

    What is a food allergy?

    In dogs, as in humans, the body can react differently to various stimuli and, in particular, to food. If the reaction becomes obvious and is expressed by various symptoms, then this condition is called an allergy. In fact, an allergy is nothing more than a protective response of the body to the action of allergenic substances from the immune system.

    Which dog breeds are at high risk?

    The risk group includes high-bred animals, as well as miniature dog breeds. Pregnant and lactating dogs often have food intolerance.

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