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YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs 60 tablets

Brand Yumove

SKU 92513
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Product Benefits:



Contains ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, sustainably sourced from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand, our version is especially powerful – it contains up to 8x the amount of Omega-3 and is up to 30x more powerful than other standard GLM powder.


YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs, formerly known as YuMOVE Adult, is a triple-action dog joint formulation designed to support adult dogs that may be experiencing signs of joint stiffness. This specially crafted supplement provides a unique blend of Omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to soothe stiff joints and enhance mobility in dogs.

The key features of YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs include:

  1. Triple Action Formula: This joint supplement offers a comprehensive approach to joint health by combining three essential factors: soothing stiff joints, supporting joint structure, and promoting joint mobility. It addresses the root causes of joint stiffness, making it an effective solution for adult dogs experiencing joint issues.

  2. Omega-3 Rich: The formula includes a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids derived from natural sources. Omega-3s are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to improve joint comfort and flexibility.

  3. Daily Dosage: The supplement comes in the form of tasty tablets that are easy to feed to your dog on a daily basis. The convenient tablet format allows for consistent administration, ensuring your dog receives the necessary support for its joints regularly.

  4. Multiple Package Sizes: YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs is available in three different package sizes - 60, 120, and 300 tablets. This provides flexibility for pet owners to choose the package size that best suits their dog's needs and ensures a continuous supply of joint support.

  5. Global Popularity: Trusted by pet owners worldwide, YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs has already supported over 2 million dogs globally. Its effectiveness and popularity are a testament to its quality and results.

As dogs age, they may start to experience joint stiffness and discomfort. YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs offers a proactive approach to maintaining joint health and supporting mobility in adult dogs. By incorporating this supplement into their daily routine, you can help your furry companion enjoy an active and comfortable lifestyle.

With its proven effectiveness and widespread use, YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs is a reliable choice for pet owners looking to provide their adult dogs with the best joint support available. Consider adding this triple-action joint formulation to your dog's daily routine to ensure their joint health is well taken care of as they age.

Feeding guide

Size of your dog New to YuMOVE? Already on YuMOVE? Ongoing amount
First 4-6 Weeks First 4-6 Weeks
Small (Up to 15kg) 2 per day 1 per day 1 per day
Medium (16-30kg) 4 per day 2 per day 2 per day
Large (31-45kg) 6 per day 3 per day 3 per day
Extra Large (Over 45kg) 8 per day 4 per day 4 per day


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This is An Amazing Product That YOU Need To Spread The Word About: i Am So Much Better Now & RUNNING Up The Stairs!: MAGPiE (Paul)

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