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Westland SafeLawn 400m² 11.2kg

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Westland SafeLawn offers a safe and effective solution for maintaining a lush, green lawn while prioritizing the well-being of children, pets, and the environment. Formulated with natural ingredients and a reduced iron content to minimize staining and transfer onto hard surfaces, SafeLawn provides peace of mind for families who want to enjoy their outdoor space without concerns about chemical exposure.

One of the key features of SafeLawn is its slow-release fertiliser package, which provides long-lasting nourishment to promote healthy growth and vibrant greenery in lawns. This slow-release mechanism ensures that nutrients are gradually released over time, resulting in sustained lawn health and vitality.

In addition to promoting lush growth, SafeLawn also supports lawn recovery in the spring and strengthens the grass to withstand winter stresses. By bolstering the resilience of the lawn, SafeLawn helps it better cope with adverse weather conditions and environmental challenges, ultimately leading to a more robust and resilient lawn.

Furthermore, SafeLawn contains beneficial bacteria that aid in the decomposition of dead moss, transforming it into nutrients that nourish the soil and support healthy grass growth. This natural process helps to prevent the accumulation of moss and weeds, promoting a dense and healthy lawn over time.

To make lawn care even more convenient and sustainable, Westland offers the Spreader for Life, a reusable spreader that allows users to refill and reuse it multiple times. This eco-friendly approach reduces waste and promotes responsible gardening practices, aligning with the overall goal of creating a safer and healthier outdoor environment for families and pets.

Overall, Westland SafeLawn provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining a beautiful lawn while ensuring the safety of children, pets, and the environment. With its natural ingredients, slow-release formula, and innovative spreader system, SafeLawn offers both peace of mind and exceptional results for lawn care enthusiasts everywhere.


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