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Westland Horticultural Sand 20kg

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 Westland Horticultural Sand is a versatile gardening essential that serves multiple purposes to enhance plant growth and soil quality. Here's how:

  1. Optimal Growing Media: When mixed with compost, horticultural sand creates an ideal growing medium for seeds and cuttings. Its free-draining properties promote healthy root development and prevent waterlogging, ensuring seeds and cuttings thrive.

  2. Improved Lawn Drainage: Incorporating horticultural sand into lawn soil helps enhance drainage, particularly in areas prone to waterlogging. By improving soil structure and increasing porosity, it prevents water from pooling on the surface, thus promoting healthier grass growth.

  3. Soil Aeration: The addition of horticultural sand aids in soil aeration, allowing oxygen to reach plant roots more effectively. This promotes better nutrient absorption and root growth, leading to stronger, healthier plants.

  4. Reduced Root Damage: During transplanting and pricking out seedlings, horticultural sand helps reduce root damage by providing a loose, friable medium that minimizes disturbance to delicate root systems.

  5. Soil Amendment: In heavy soils, horticultural sand serves to break up compacted soil particles, improving soil structure and drainage. This makes it easier for plant roots to penetrate the soil and access essential nutrients.

Overall, Westland Horticultural Sand is a valuable tool for gardeners looking to optimize soil conditions, promote healthy plant growth, and achieve successful propagation of seeds and cuttings.


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