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Pet Mate Wall Liner

Brand Pet Mate

SKU 94706
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Product Benefits:



The Cat Mate Wall Liner is a convenient accessory that allows you to install the Cat Mate 4 Way Locking with Door Liner Cat Flap into any wall that is 5-10cm thick. The wall liner provides the necessary support and structure for securely mounting the cat flap into the wall.

It's important to consider the thickness of your wall when installing the cat flap. For every 50mm (or 5cm) of wall thickness beyond the standard 5-10cm range, additional wall liners will be required. This ensures that the cat flap fits snugly and securely into the wall, providing a proper seal and preventing any gaps that might compromise the functionality of the cat flap.

The Cat Mate Wall Liner is a practical solution for cat flap installation in walls with varying thicknesses, allowing you to provide your feline friend with convenient access while maintaining the integrity of your home's structure.