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Wagg Mmm's Dog Biscuit Treats

Brand Wagg

SKU 92904
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Product description

Wagg Mmm's Dog Biscuit Treats

Available in:

Chicken Flavour

Liver Flavour

Wagg'mmms are ideal for when your pet dog deserves a tasty treat. The crunchy biscuit texture will help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean, while added vitamins A and E help to ensure your dog's immune system is supported. Wagg'mmms also contain yeast to help maintain a healthy digestion in your dog.

Our Wagg'mmms can be fed when your dog deserves a reward or treat or can also be served up as an accompaniment to your dog's main meal. We don’t add any sugar and their handy size means that Wagg'mmms can be fed when out exercising your dog.

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