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Vitapet R A Joint Formula 150ml

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Brand Bob Martin

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Joint mobility can become a problem for the older dog and cat leading to joint stiffness immobility and in turn discomfort and pain. Vitapet Normal Strength R~A Joint Formula contains a unique blend of selected fish and vegetable oils rich in the Omega 3 nutrients EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). Research has indicated that increased levels of these nutrients may help to maintain pain-free supple and mobile joints. The blend also contains vitamins A and D as well as vitamin E an important in vivo antioxidant.

Normal Strength R~A Joint Formula contains a natural level of 12.5% Omega 3.

The benefits of Omega 3:

- helps maintain pain-free supple joints
- helps promote healthy and flexible joints
- helps to maintain a healthy heart and circulation

Vitapet Normal Strength R~A Joint Formula is a nutritional feeding oil supplement. We recommend this product in particular for cats adult dogs and those small breeds of dog which may be prone to joint stiffness.

- cats of all sizes
- small breeds and dogs
- medium breeds and dogs
- breeds prone to joint problems
- young to adult dogs


Do not exceed the daily recommendations. Mix the following amounts daily with food using a 5ml teaspoon.


Small Breeds(5kg-15kg)...............7.5ml-10ml
Medium Breeds(15kg-25kg).............10ml-15ml
Large Breeds(25kg-35kg)..............15ml-20ml
Very Large Breeds(over 35kg).........20ml-25ml

Suitable for puppies over twelve weeks. When introducing the oil to your pet's diet for the first time do this gradually building up to the correct daily recommendation. Use the lower amount for general maintenance. The higher rate should be fed to pregnant/whelping bitches. For cats use the higher rate in winter and for queens in kitten. If any other Vitapet conditioner is being fed at the same time reduce the amount of it by half and maintain the above recommendations. This is a fish and vegetable oil product which may turn cloudy in severely cold weather it is perfectly safe to use in this condition. It will return to clear liquid at normal room temperature.

Vitapet R & A Formula 170ml Investing in good health and establishing a routine to care for joints will be of benefitin the future. - Ensuring your pet has regular controlled exercise is an excellent way of keeping joints healthy and active. Exercise improves blood flow and circulation and helps strengthen healthy joints and muscles. - Medium to large breeds a particularly prone to joint and cartilage problems. Daily supplementation with R & A Formula from an early age can help to maintain healthy joints. - The soothing effect of R & A Formula which has an excellent reputation can help to maintain supple and mobile joints. Vitapet R & A Formula can be used for the following: - Cats and Dogs (Sml & Med Lge & Giant breeds) - Healthy Heart and circulation. - Helps maintian Supple joints - Glossy Coat. - Supports immune system. - Good Vision and skin. - Strong bones and teeth. - Complements complete foods.


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