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Vitakraft African Large Parrot Food 750g

Brand Vitakraft

SKU 95333
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Product Benefits:



Cereals, Seeds, Fruits (dates, carob and figs), Vegetables and Minerals.


Vitakraft African Parrot Food - a specially formulated pet food that provides comprehensive care for your beloved birds. This unique blend contains carefully selected, unprocessed ingredients sourced from their region of origin, ensuring a well-rounded diet. 

Vitakraft African Parrot Food is enriched with essential vitamins, nutrients, and nourishment that are vital for the health and well-being of your birds. The formula also includes essential gizzard stones and high-quality beta-glucans, further enhancing the nutritional value of the feed.

This pet food is completely natural, with no added sugar, artificial flavourings, colourings, or preservatives. It is specifically designed to cater to the dietary needs of large African Parrots, offering them a complete and balanced diet.

Composition: The ingredients in Vitakraft African Parrot Food include a blend of cereals, seeds, fruits (dates, carob, and figs), vegetables, and minerals, providing a diverse range of nutrients to support the overall health and vitality of your parrots.

Give your African Parrots the best care and nourishment they deserve with Vitakraft African Parrot Food, ensuring they lead a healthy and happy life in your care.


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