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Vetzyme B+E Tablets 200 Tablets

Brand Bob Martin

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- With Zinc & Selenium
- To help aid muscle tone

Vetzyme B + E has been specifically formulated to help promote activity and all round good health important for any dog in particular for working breeds. These tablets combine the goodness of B-complex vitamins together with vitamin E selenium and zinc. Feeding these tasty tablets will help to keep your dog alert and ready for action.

B-complex vitamins

As B complex vitamins are water soluble they cannot be stored in the body to any great extent. Therefore Vetzyme B+E tablets are an ideal way of boosting your dog's supply of these important vitamins throughout the day.

B-complex will help:

- Release energy to the muscles
- Promote a shiny healthy coat and skin
- Guard against nervousness
- Promote fitness and vitality

Vitamin E helps:

- Maintain a healthy heart and circulation
- Maintain a healthy immune system
- Maintain healthy energy levels

Selenium and zinc will help:

- Promote healthy growth
- Develop good muscle tone

Vitamin E and selenium are also important factors for the maintenance of breeding potential.

Daily Recommendations
1-5kg(Toy & Small Breeds)...........0.5 - 1 Tablet
6-15kg(Medium Dogs)...................1 - 2 Tablets
16-30kg(Large Breeds).......................3 Tablets
30kg+(Very Large Breeds)..................4 Tablets

Suitable for puppies aged 6 weeks and over.

Vetzyme B + E Tablets B + E is ideal for active working dogs and includes zinc and selenium known for helping to build strong muscles and a healthy coat. Can be used for: - General Good Health - Healths skin and coat - Healthy heart and circulation - Supports kidney and liver health - Muscle tone and energy - Helpd guard against nervousness - Weight Problems - Older animals - Working / Guard Dog - Puppies - Pregnant Bitches / Queens