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Topspec Linseed Mash Equine Supplement 20kg

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The typical ingredients in TopSpec Linseed Mash are soya hulls (GM), full-fat linseed, linseed expeller, unmolassed beet pulp, grass, high fibre oat-by product, micronised flaked maize, oat bran flakes, wheatbran, molasses, micronised flaked peas, wheatfeed, mineral premix.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Oil 9.0%, Protein 15.5%, Fibre 17.0%, Starch 11.0%, Ca 1.0%, Mg 0.4%


Linseed Mash brings together the best of traditional wisdom and modern technology to offer a nutritious and enticing option for your horse. This mash is a rich combination of linseed and oat bran, boasting a low starch content of just 11%. The inclusion of flaked maize and flaked peas adds a visually appealing mix-like texture to this irresistible mash.

Linseed Mash is a carefully crafted blend of conditioning ingredients, with a strong focus on linseed. Linseed contributes significant levels of intracellular oil and protein, while also providing essential muco-polysaccharides. Oat bran, rich in super-fibers, has been proven to be gentle on the horse's digestive system.

When you pair this mash with an appropriate TopSpec Feed Balancer or supplement, you can expect your horses to radiate good health and vitality.

One of the notable advantages of Linseed Mash is its quick soaking time, requiring just 5 minutes in cool or warm water. For optimal results, mix equal parts of dry mash with water before feeding.

It's important to note that TopSpec Linseed Mash is designed to be fed in conjunction with any TopSpec Feed Balancer or suitable supplement, as it does not contain added vitamins or trace elements. However, it is supplemented with essential minerals like calcium, sodium, and magnesium, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced diet for your horse.


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