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Petsafe Staywell Heavy Duty Aluminium Dog Door

Brand Petsafe

SKU 92318
Price: £55.81
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Product description

Petsafe Staywell Heavy Duty Aluminium Dog Door

      The Petsafe Staywell Aluminium 2 Way Pet Door is an easy-to-install door made using a solid aluminium frame with reinforced corners for heavy use or for multiple pet homes. The Petsafe Staywell Dog Flap is built into the door or wall. With the 2-way-closure-system you get to decide whether your pet can enter and exit whenever it likes or if the door remains locked, and adjust it respectively. The flexible flap is especially low-noise. The aluminium frame adds an elegant appearance and high stability at the same time. A closing panel is also included with the Petsafe Aluminium Pet Door for improved weather resistance or to control your pet’s access to the door.

  • No more scratched doors .
  • No more getting up late at night .
  • Energy efficient keeps out drafts .
  • Steel locking security cover .
  • Measurements:
  • Total size: 502.6 x 329.1 mm
  • Cutout size: 451 x 277 mm
  • For maximum shoulder width: 26mm
  • For dogs up to max. 45kg


System Includes:

  • Closing Panel
  • Fitting Screws
  • Installation Guide
  • Cutting Template
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