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Ancol Sleepy Paws Self Heating Pet Pad S

Brand Ancol

SKU 91770
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Product Benefits:



The Ancol Self-Heating Pet Pad is a remarkable creation that provides warmth and comfort for your cat or dog, making it their go-to spot for napping. The pad utilizes a clever thermal structure that effectively reflects your pet's own heat back towards them, ensuring they stay cosy and snug.

The lamb fleece-style cover adds an extra touch of softness and comfort, making the pad even more inviting for your furry friend. When it's time for a cleaning, the cover can be easily removed and machine washed, allowing for a thorough and hassle-free cleaning process.

The Ancol Self-Heating Pet Pad is available in three different sizes, providing options to suit various pets and spaces. Whether placed in a dog crate, on the floor, or on your pet's favourite chair, this versatile pad can be used in different areas of your home, keeping your pet warm and content.

As an added benefit, the Self-Heating Pet Pad helps to keep your furniture free from pet fur, as your pet will be drawn to the cosy pad instead. This helps maintain a clean and fur-free environment.

The Ancol Self-Heating Pet Pad comes in a small size, measuring 48x36cm, making it suitable for pets of various sizes. It is conveniently packaged in a cardboard wrap, ensuring it arrives in good condition.

With the Ancol Self-Heating Pet Pad, you can provide your pet with a warm and comfortable space to rest and relax. Its innovative design and easy maintenance make it a practical and enjoyable addition to your pet's sleeping area.

Size guide

Small 38-48 cm
Medium 49-64 cm
Large 64-90 cm


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