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Skinner's Field & Trial Working 26 Adut Working Dry Dog Food 15kg

Brand Skinners

SKU 91078
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Product Benefits:



Poultry meat meal, Wheat, Maize, Poultry fat, Naked oats, Barley, Beet pulp, Vitamins and minerals

Nutrition Breakdown:

Crude protein 26%, Crude fat 16%, Crude ash 7.5%, Crude fibres 3%


Skinner's Working 26, previously known as Crunchy, is a complete dry dog food specifically formulated to meet the needs of dogs regularly engaged in moderate to high activity levels.

This dry food recipe has been specially developed to support dogs during their active work. It features a protein level of 26% to promote muscle integrity and development, as well as a fat level of 16% to ensure sustained performance ability.

The formulation of Skinner's Working 26 includes a good level of digestible starch at 34%. This combination of nutrients provides a diet that supports dogs needing fuel for high activity levels of moderate duration. It is particularly suitable for working gundogs involved in activities such as picking up on driven shoots, as well as agility and flyball dogs.

By providing the necessary balance of protein, fat, and digestible starch, Skinner's Working 26 ensures that dogs have the fuel and energy required to sustain their high-intensity activities. It supports their overall performance and helps them meet the demands of their work.

If you have an active working dog that requires sustained performance ability, Skinner's Working 26 is an ideal choice to provide them with the balanced nutrition they need for optimal energy and performance.

Feeding guidelines

under 10kg Up to 150g
10 - 20kg 150 - 260g
20 - 32kg 260 - 400g
32-45 kg 400 - 500g
45kg + 450g +


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