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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Food Fruities 120g

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Product Benefits:



Wheat flour, sugar, soya oil, apricots (6% in orange biscuits), cherries (6% in red biscuits). Additives: Colourants.

Feeding Guidelines:



Russel Rabbit Fruities with Cherry and Apricot are delectable baked treats, freshly made from our bakery and filled with the wholesome goodness of natural grains and tasty fruits. These fruits are the perfect choice when you want to treat your pet to something delicious and nutritious. Crafted with care, they are designed to create special moments with your furry companion, strengthening your bond and fostering trust. 

You can hand-feed these delightful treats to your pets, making each interaction with them a heartwarming experience. The act of hand-feeding helps build a deeper connection with your small pets, showing them love and care in a way that they will surely appreciate.

Beyond hand-feeding, Russel Rabbit Fruities can also be strategically placed around your pet's enclosure to promote natural foraging behaviour. By hiding one or two Fruities, you stimulate their instinct to search and explore, providing them with both physical and mental stimulation. Encouraging foraging is important for the well-being of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats, and it adds an extra element of fun to their daily routine.

As a responsible pet owner, it's crucial to remember that these tasty treats are meant to complement your pet's regular diet. Fresh hay should be a staple in their daily nutrition, providing essential fibre and contributing to their overall health.

Russel Rabbit Fruities are thoughtfully crafted to be suitable for various small pets, allowing you to share the joy of these treats with all your furry friends. Their wholesome ingredients and delightful taste ensure that your pets can indulge in a snack that is both enjoyable and beneficial.

Make every moment with your small pets special by treating them to Russel Rabbit Fruities with Cherry and Apricot. From hand-feeding to encouraging foraging, these treats offer a delightful way to bond with your beloved pets and enrich their lives with tasty goodness. Share the love and happiness with your furry companions through these scrumptious Fruities!


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