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NAF Profeet Hoof Moist Natural Equine Supplements 900g

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PROFEET Hoof Moist is specifically formulated to combat the challenging effects of unpredictable weather on horse hooves. Frequent shifts between dry and wet conditions can destabilize the moisture content of the hoof, making it susceptible to cracks, splits, and other damage. This hoof moisturizer plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimal water content while allowing the hoof to breathe effectively.

Unlike other products, PROFEET Hoof Moist is oil and grease-free, making it a suitable option for daily application without creating any barrier that might inhibit the hoof's natural breathing process. It provides essential hydration to the hooves, helping to preserve their strength and integrity.

Key benefits of using PROFEET Hoof Moist include:

- **Hydrating the hooves** to ensure they remain resilient against environmental changes.
- **Maintaining stable moisture content** to prevent the hoof horn from drying out and cracking.
- **Preventing splits and cracks** which can lead to further hoof distress and discomfort for the horse.
- **Breathability** as it does not create a seal or barrier, allowing for natural air flow.

This product is especially recommended for use in dry, arid conditions where the risk of moisture loss is heightened. PROFEET Hoof Moist provides a straightforward solution to enhance hoof health and durability, ensuring your horse's hooves are protected year-round.


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