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Pro Plan Adult All Size Performance Chicken Dry Dog Food 14kg

Brand Pro Plan

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Product Benefits:



High-quality chicken (including back and chest) (21%), Dried poultry protein, Wheat, Animal fats, Rice (8%), Soya meal, Corn protein meal, Digest, Dried beet pulp, Corn, Minerals, Fish oil, Dried egg

Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 31.0%, Fat 21.0%, Crude ash 7.5%, Crude fibre 2.0%


Active dogs require a specialized formula to ensure they have sufficient energy every day and food that can aid in their recovery after activity. Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, this formula is designed to provide your dog with increased endurance and support rapid muscle recovery in its role as a canine athlete.

Purina PRO PLAN Performance dry dog food features high-quality chicken pieces as the primary ingredient, along with a high level of protein and fat. This dry dog food contains all the essential nutrients necessary for active or working dogs to maintain optimum conditions. Key ingredients are incorporated to increase endurance and support rapid muscle recovery and joint health. The protein-to-fat ratio is formulated to help maintain strong muscles and an ideal body condition. By feeding your active dog food tailored to their needs, you can help them stay healthy and energized.

Tailored for adult dogs of all breeds, Purina PRO PLAN Performance ALL SIZE ADULT dry dog food provides optimal nutrition. It contains essential vitamin D, minerals, and specific levels of omega-3 fatty acids (0.4%) to support healthy joints, teeth, and gums. Enriched with high-quality chicken and featuring high protein and fat content, this food offers the necessary nourishment for the adventures of your active and working dog from 12 months of age.

Discover the remarkable benefits that PERFORMANCE products can offer, enhancing your dog's health and overall well-being. In addition to supporting particularly active and working dogs, Purina PRO PLAN Performance dry food provides all the nutrients necessary for gestating or lactating bitches.

Feeding guidelines

See the table for recommended daily feeding amounts. These amounts are guidelines only. To help keep your dog in an ideal body condition, adjust according to your dog’s activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. To monitor your dog’s health, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly.

Recommended daily amount (g/day)

Body weight (kg) Active (1-3 h/day) (g/day) Highly active (3-6h/day) (g/day) Intensely active (more than 6 h/day) (g/day)
1 40 45 55
10 180 205 260
25 330 375 485
35 415 475 605
45 490 560 715
70 660 750 965


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