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Pro Plan Adult 7+ Longevis Salmon Dry Cat Food 3kg

Brand Pro Plan

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Product Benefits:



High-quality salmon (19%) (including head, bone, and meat), Dried poultry protein, Corn protein meal, Rice, Wheat gluten,Animal fats, Corn starch,Corn, Minerals, Digest, Dried vegetable fibre,Dried chicory root* (2%), Soyabean oil, Dried beet pulp, Dried egg, Fish oil *Prebiotic

Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 39.0%, Fat 18.0%, Crude ash 7.5%, Crude fibre 2.5%, Arginine 2.3%, Omega 3 fatty acids 0.9%, Omega 6 fatty acids 2.8%


Purina® PRO PLAN® is dedicated to using cutting-edge science and the expertise of our nutritionists and veterinarians to create the most advanced and efficient nutrient combinations for your pet.

Our recipes are meticulously crafted to offer specific benefits tailored to support your pet's natural defences and long-term health. These include promoting high digestibility and optimal nutrient absorption to ensure your pet receives the essential nutrition they need to thrive.

We take great pride in using the finest ingredients in our formulas. The number one ingredient is always comprised of premium pieces of chicken, lamb, salmon, beef, turkey, duck, or cod. These ingredients are carefully selected for their quality, frozen to preserve vital nutrients, and expertly cooked to perfection. This locking-in process ensures that key nutrients are retained, while also delivering a delicious taste that your pet will enjoy.

With Purina® PRO PLAN®, you can trust that our team is committed to providing your pet with the most advanced nutrition, supporting their overall well-being and helping them live a happy and healthy life.

Feeding guidelines

Recommended daily amount for cats aged 7-11yrs* (g/day)

Feeding quantities required to maintain ideal body condition will vary, depending on age, activity and environment. Watch your cat's weight and adjust food amounts accordingly. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available. Consult your veterinarian regularly to support your cat's health. 

Cat Weight (kg) Dry Quantity (g) Dry + Wet Quantity (g) + 1 POUCH (75g)
2 25 5
3 35 15
4 50 25
5 60 40
6 70 50
>6 +15 g/kg +15 g/kg

*For cats ≥ 12yrs the feeding guide should be increased by 20%


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