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Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion Mini Bone Dog Treats 125g

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Oat flour, rice flour, dried chicken (17.5%), chicken gravy, yeast extract, charcoal (1%), parsley (0.5%), vitamin E (0.33%), mixed herbs, chicory extract (0.1%), yucca extract (0.1%)

Nutrition Breakdown:

Crude protein 18.4%, crude oils & fats 15.7%, crude fibre 1.5%, inorganic matter 5.2%

Feeding Guidelines:



HEALTH & DIGESTION dog treats are thoughtfully crafted to support the well-being of dogs, particularly those with sensitive digestion. These hand-baked treats feature a delicious and nutritious low-calorie recipe that aims to promote good digestive health both inside and out.

One of the key ingredients in these treats is chicory, a natural prebiotic that helps to nurture and support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. The presence of "good bacteria" in the digestive system is essential for maintaining a healthy gut and promoting smooth digestion.

Another beneficial ingredient in the treats is parsley, which has long been known for its digestive aid properties. Parsley can help to soothe and settle the digestive system, making it an excellent addition to these treats for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Additionally, the treats contain charcoal, which serves as a natural absorber of gases that can cause flatulence. Charcoal can help to alleviate discomfort and bloating caused by gas buildup in the digestive tract.

By expertly blending these ingredients together, the HEALTH & DIGESTION treats provide a well-rounded approach to supporting digestive health in dogs. The treats not only taste great but also offer numerous benefits to ensure that dogs with sensitive digestion can enjoy optimal comfort and well-being.

As a responsible pet owner, providing the right nutrition and care for your dog's unique needs is essential. The HEALTH & DIGESTION treats offer a natural and effective way to promote good digestion and overall health in dogs. Whether your furry friend has specific dietary requirements or simply deserves the best care, these treats can be a valuable addition to their daily routine. Treat your dog to the goodness of HEALTH & DIGESTION treats and watch them thrive inside and out.