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Tetra Pond Goldfish Mix Fish Food 140g

Brand Tetra

SKU 95101
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Product Benefits:



Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Molluscs and crustaceans(Fresh Water Shrimps 13%), Fish and fish derivatives, Algae(Spirulina 4%), Yeasts, Oils and fats, Minerals, Vegetables.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Crude protein 39,0%, Crude oils and fats 6,0%, Crude fibre 2,0%, Moisture Content 9,0%


Introducing our comprehensive and biologically balanced complete food mix, specially designed for the daily feeding of all goldfish in garden ponds. With three different types of food, your beloved goldfish will enjoy a varied and nutritious diet that supports their health and vitality.

Our food mix is carefully formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of goldfish in outdoor pond environments. Each type of food in the mix offers unique benefits, providing a well-rounded diet that supports their overall well-being.

Feeding your goldfish our complete food mix ensures they receive a wide range of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals crucial for their growth and development. The varied nutrition will contribute to vibrant colours, strong immune systems, and energetic behaviour, all of which are signs of happy and healthy goldfish. 

With our biologically balanced food mix, you can be confident that your goldfish are receiving the best care and nutrition. Enjoy the sight of your beautiful goldfish thriving in your pond, and rest assured that you are providing them with the nourishment they need to lead happy and fulfilling lives in their outdoor home.