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Pedigree Gravy Bones Dog Treats

Brand Pedigree

SKU 92918
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Product description

Pedigree Gravy Bones Dog Treats

A complementary pet-food for adult dogs. Delicious biscuits with a meaty coating that makes these tasty gravy bones extremely popular with your dog. Containing Omega 3 to help keep your dog fit, calcium to help give strong teeth and bones and vitamins and minerals to help maintain natural defences, Pedigree Biscrok Gravy Bones are sure to be a big hit for dog and owner alike.

Developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians of WALTHAM®.
WALTHAM®. The world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition.

Meat and Animal Derivatives (min 4% Chicken)
Derivatives of Vegetable Origin
Oils and Fats

Nutrition (as displayed on pack) 
Nutrient Analysis (%) 
Protein: 14 
Oil: 7 
Ash: 16 
Fibre: 1 
Calcium: 5 
Omega 3: 400 mg/kg 
Vitamin A: 2500 IU/kg 
Vitamin E: 30 mg/kg 
Vitamin levels guaranteed until 
best before date 
Total iron as iron sulphate: 15 mg/kg 
With antioxidants, preservatives 
and colourants 
(permitted EC additives)

Preparation and Usage 
Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Small dogs, e.g. Dachshund, up to 6 biscuits per day.
Medium dogs, e.g. Cocker Spaniel, up to 12 biscuits per day.
Large dogs, e.g. Labrador, up to 18 biscuits per day.Storage Information 
Store in a cool and dry place.

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