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Pedigree Dentatubos Puppy Treats 3 sticks

Brand Pedigree

SKU 92972
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Product Benefits:



Cereals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Minerals, Vegetables, Meat and Animal Derivatives (including Dried Chicken Liver Powder 2.3%, equivalent to Chicken 4%)

Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 9.0%, Fat content 2.0%, Inorganic matter 5.0%, Crude fibre 1.2%, Calcium 0.60%

Feeding Guidelines:



Puppies have a natural instinct to chew, but it's crucial to provide them with safe and appropriate options that won't harm their developing teeth. Introducing PEDIGREE® Puppy DENTATUBOS™, a chew treat with a unique shape and texture specially designed for your puppy's teeth and gums.

These chew treats are calcium-rich, promoting healthy growth and development in your furry friend. With PEDIGREE® Puppy DENTATUBOS™, you can rest assured that your puppy is getting the essential nutrients they need while enjoying a delicious and satisfying taste.

Say goodbye to worries about your puppy chewing on hard objects like chair legs or your new shoes! These chews with chicken flavour are a delightful alternative that will keep your puppy entertained and prevent potential dental issues.

Give your puppy the best start in life with PEDIGREE® Puppy DENTATUBOS™. Watch as they relish the flavorful experience and benefit from the dental support that these chews provide. Treat your little one to these delightful chews, ensuring their teething phase is a happy and healthy one!