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Peckish All Weather Energy Ball Feeder

Brand Peckish

SKU 95303
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Introducing our Peckish All Weather Energy Ball Feeder, a durable and weather-resistant solution designed to endure the toughest weather conditions. This heavy-duty feeder is crafted to provide a reliable feeding station for your garden birds, no matter the season.

Constructed from robust stainless steel, this feeder guarantees strength and longevity, ensuring it remains a steadfast choice throughout the year. Its user-friendly design offers a quick and effortless solution for refilling and cleaning, making the task hassle-free for bird enthusiasts.

Additionally, the feeder is equipped with different-sized holes, allowing multiple birds to feed simultaneously. This thoughtful feature fosters a sense of community among your garden visitors, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Choose the Peckish All Weather Energy Ball Feeder to provide your garden birds with a constant supply of energy balls while enjoying the ease of maintenance and the joy of observing a variety of birds feasting together in your garden.


Customer Reviews

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Kevin Rushforth
Ok, nothing special

I bought two tubs of fat ball bird food and a fat ball feeder. Petsmagic were cheaper but made a charge for delivery. But ordering two tubs of the fat balls meant it was the same price and it would be conveniently delivered to my door. I thought delivery via DX was a bit slow and the packaging had split open even though my order was packed in a decent box. Fortunately nothing had been lost. The products I purchased are fine.

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