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Mr Johnson’s Layers Pellets 5kg

Brand Mr Johnsons

SKU 95354
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Wheat, barley, wheat feed, extracted sunflower, limestone, soya.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Crude protein 14%, Crude fibre 6%, Crude oil & fats 2.3%, Crude ash 13%


Mr Johnson’s Layers Pellets are a well-balanced and nutritious diet designed to support the health and productivity of poultry, including chickens. They are made from natural ingredients, ensuring that your birds receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth, egg production, and overall well-being.

Here are some key features and benefits of Mr Johnson's Layers Pellets:

  1. Complete and Balanced Diet: The pellets are formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet for poultry. They contain a mix of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required for healthy growth, feather development, and egg production.

  2. High Protein Content: Poultry, especially laying hens, require a diet rich in protein to support egg-laying. Layers Pellets are likely to contain higher protein levels to meet these specific needs.

  3. Natural Ingredients: Using natural ingredients in the pellets ensures that your birds are getting wholesome and nutritious food without artificial additives.

  4. Age-Appropriate: The pellets are suitable for poultry from 8 weeks old and are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of growing birds as well as laying hens.

  5. Ease of Feeding: Pellets are easy to handle and provide a consistent diet for poultry. They can be fed as the primary source of food or as part of a balanced diet, depending on the specific feeding program you follow.

  6. Supports Egg Production: The balanced nutrient profile, including essential vitamins and minerals, helps support healthy egg production and can contribute to better-quality eggs.

  7. Health and Productivity: By providing a natural and nutritious diet, Mr Johnson's Layers Pellets can contribute to the overall health and productivity of your poultry flock.

It's essential to follow the feeding instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure that your poultry receives the appropriate amount of food. Additionally, always ensure access to clean, fresh water for your birds.

Feeding high-quality pellets like Mr Johnson’s Layers Pellets, along with appropriate foraging opportunities and a well-maintained living environment, can contribute to the health and well-being of your poultry, whether they are backyard chickens or part of a larger farming operation. Regular monitoring of their condition and consulting with a veterinarian or poultry expert, when needed, can help ensure that your poultry flock thrives.


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