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Mason Cash Lettered High Water Bowl - 8

Brand Mason Cash

SKU 91867
Price: £7.89
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Product description

Mason Cash Lettered High Water Bowl - 8

Mason Cash are probably the most instantly recognised pet bowls within Europe. This bowl features thick sides to prevent chipping, is made from heavy stoneware to ensure durability & keep the food cool and fresh. It has also been endorsed by the RSPCA. This bowl is dishwasher safe and measures at 8".

  • This deep dog bowl is perfect for thirsty dogs to ensure their water supply lasts longer
  • Well made, durable and easy to clean
  • The heavy duty material also helps to keep water cool
  • Gives your dog a nice cool fresh drink each time
  • Prevents the bowl from moving around or being tipped over
  • Embossed with the word “WATER”
  • Keeps water cooler for longer
  • Plain cane design ideal for any home
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