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Mason Cash Lettered Dog Bowl 10"

Brand Mason Cash

SKU 91833
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Product description

Mason Cash Lettered Dog Bowl 10"

Mason Cash are probably the most instantly recognised pet bowls within Europe. This bowl features thick sides to prevent chipping, is made from heavy stoneware to ensure durability & keep the food cool and fresh. It has also been endorsed by the RSPCA. This bowl is dishwasher safe and measures at 10".

  • A great addition to any home, boasting superior quality and traditional style
  • Designed with dogs and their feeding habits in mind
  • Heavyweight design ensures the bowl does not tip over during feeding
  • With rounded corners ensuring the food is always accessible to your dog
  • Easy to pick up for convenience at feeding times
  • Highly durable and practical perfect for long-lasting efficient use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Embossed with the word “DOG”
  • Keeps food and water cooler for longer
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