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Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap White

Brand Pet Mate

SKU 84702
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Product Benefits:



The Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap is a practical and user-friendly solution designed for thin panel doors and screens. It features an easy-to-use slide lock, allowing you to control your cat's access as needed.

With a self-lining mechanism, this cat flap is suitable for doors and screens ranging from 0 to 1.3cm thick. The silent auction of the door ensures that it won't startle pets or disturb their owners, providing a peaceful environment for everyone.

The transparent, magnetically closing flap is favoured by most cats, making it inviting and easy for them to use. Additionally, the flap is draft and weatherproof, ensuring your cat's comfort and protection from the elements.

The cat flap measures 19.2cm wide x 20cm high, and the cut-out size for installation is 16.5cm wide x 17.4cm high. It is available in two colour options: White and Brown, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your home's aesthetics.

Whether you have thin panel doors or screens, the Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap provides a secure and reliable solution for controlling your cat's access and enhancing its overall comfort.