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Lickimat Wobble Green 8x16.5cm

Brand LickiMat

SKU 91807
Out of stock


Introducing the LICKIMAT WOBBLE - a delightful and interactive food toy designed for both cats and dogs. This fun wobble toy provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your furry friend.

To use the LICKIMAT WOBBLE, simply spread soft and tasty food on its surface. The unique design of the toy encourages your pet to engage with it and work to extract the food, keeping them entertained for extended periods.

The wobbling motion of the toy adds an extra level of excitement and challenge, as your pet will need to use its paws or nose to keep it moving and access the treats. This provides an enriching and rewarding experience, satisfying their natural foraging instincts.

Whether you have a curious cat or an active dog, the LICKIMAT WOBBLE is a fantastic way to make treat time more enjoyable and provide mental stimulation. It's a great tool to prevent boredom and provide a fun activity for your pet, especially when they are left alone or need some extra engagement.

In conclusion, the LICKIMAT WOBBLE is a must-have for pet owners looking to add some excitement to treat time. Its interactive design and wobbling action make it a captivating and entertaining food toy for both cats and dogs. So, if you want to keep your pet engaged and happy, the LICKIMAT WOBBLE is the perfect choice for providing them with many minutes of fun and enjoyment.


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