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KONG Wubba Finz Dog Toy Pink Small

Brand KONG

SKU 93130
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Product Benefits:



The KONG Wubba Finz is an exciting addition to the Wubba toy line. It features long floppy tails that are perfect for tugging and shaking, satisfying your dog's natural thrashing instincts. The Wubba Finz is designed with two balls inside, which not only add bounce but also create a squeaking sound that further engages your dog during playtime.

With the Wubba Finz, you can extend games of catch and release, providing your dog with plenty of healthy and active play. The unique design of this flying fish toy allows it to soar through the air, triggering your dog's natural fetching instincts and creating a fun frenzy of excitement.

Made with durable materials, the KONG Wubba Finz is built to withstand rigorous play sessions and ensure long-lasting entertainment for your furry friend. It's a great choice for interactive play, encouraging exercise, and mental stimulation.

Enjoy the thrill of watching your dog have a blast as they chase, tug, and shake the KONG Wubba Finz, providing them with endless fun and enjoyment.


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