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KONG Wobbler Dog Small

Brand KONG

SKU 93214
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Product Benefits:



Introducing the KONG Wobbler™, a dynamic and mentally stimulating toy that doubles as a food dispenser. This uniquely shaped toy sits upright and dispenses tasty rewards when nudged by your dog's paw or nose, creating an engaging and rewarding experience.

The unpredictable movement of the KONG Wobbler™ stimulates your dog's natural instincts, keeping them challenged and entertained. The wobbling, spinning, and rolling action adds an element of excitement to playtime, encouraging your dog to interact and problem-solve.

In addition to being a fun toy, the KONG Wobbler™ can be used as an alternative to a dog bowl, extending mealtime and providing a source of exercise. By making your dog work for their food, the Wobbler™ promotes mental and physical stimulation, helping to keep them active and engaged.

If you're looking to help your dog shed a few unwanted pounds, the KONG Wobbler™ is an excellent tool. By requiring your dog to move and engage with the toy to access their food, it encourages exercise and can assist in weight management.

The KONG Wobbler™ is easy to fill and clean, as it conveniently unscrews for quick access. For medium to large-sized dogs, the large Wobbler™ is recommended for optimal enjoyment.

Choose the KONG Wobbler™ for an action-packed toy that provides mental stimulation, rewards, and exercise for your dog. Whether used as a food dispenser or an interactive toy, the Wobbler™ offers endless entertainment and enrichment for your furry friend


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Malgorzata Nirwan
Very good

Very good . My dog loves play

Natalie Arnold
Great dog toy!

This keeps my puppy busy for ages and he loves it! Really good way of keeping him entertained and giving him his dinner at the same time.

Peter Buxton

KONG Wobbler Dog

Amanda Whiles
Kong wobbler

Great service and delivery, just a shame my puppy isn’t that interested in the Kong wobbler yet.

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