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KONG Snacks Puppy Small

Brand KONG

SKU 92678
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Product Benefits:



Indulge your puppy with the delectable KONG Puppy Snacks, specially crafted to meet their needs and provide moments of delight. These treats proudly made in the USA, are of exceptional quality, ensuring your furry friend receives only the best. They are crafted with all-natural ingredients and are free from wheat, corn, and soy, making them not only delicious but also suitable for puppies with dietary sensitivities.

The irresistible flavour of these treats adds an extra level of excitement to any treating moment. Whether you're rewarding good behaviour or simply sharing a bonding moment with your puppy, these snacks are sure to please their taste buds.

The larger size of these treats is thoughtfully shaped and sized to perfectly fit your puppy's large KONG Puppy rubber toy. This allows for interactive play and mental stimulation, keeping your puppy engaged and entertained.

Choose KONG Puppy Snacks as a wholesome and enjoyable treat option for your furry bundle of joy. With their natural ingredients and the perfect size for KONG toys, these snacks provide a satisfying and flavorful experience for your puppy during treat time.


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