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KONG Dog Ball With Rope Small

Brand KONG

SKU 93180
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Product Benefits:



Experience durable fun with the KONG Ball with Rope, designed for engaging games of fetching and tugging. This toy combines the durability of a ball with the added excitement of a rope, making playtime easy and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

The KONG Ball with Rope is built to withstand rigorous play, ensuring its longevity even during intense fetching sessions. The rope attached to the ball allows for easy throwing and fetching, adding an extra element of fun and making it convenient to play interactive games with your furry friend.

Not only is it great for fetching, but the rope also doubles as a toy for tug-of-war games. This provides a versatile play experience, promoting bonding and interactive play between you and your dog.

With its durable construction and engaging features, the KONG Ball with Rope is a go-to toy for active play. Enjoy the thrill of fetching and the excitement of tugging as you and your dog bond and have a great time together.

Choose the KONG Ball with Rope for a durable, versatile, and enjoyable toy that makes both fetching and tugging games a blast.