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KONG Signature Balls Dog Toy 2pk Small

Brand KONG

SKU 93104
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Product Benefits:



Experience the ultimate in durability and bounce with the KONG Signature Ball, designed to take games of fetch and retrieve to the next level. If your dog is obsessed with fetching, it will absolutely love play sessions with the KONG Signature Ball. Built with robust construction, this ball is sure to withstand even the most enthusiastic fetchers, ensuring it lasts through endless rounds of retrieving fun. 

The KONG Signature Ball offers an unparalleled level of durability, making it perfect for dogs who simply can't get enough of retrieving. No matter how intense the play sessions get, this ball is up to the challenge. It is built to withstand rough play and endure the rigorous demands of active dogs.

Not only is the KONG Signature Ball durable, but it also boasts an impressive bounce. Your dog will be thrilled by its high rebound, adding an extra level of excitement to every fetch and retrieve game.

Choose the KONG Signature Ball for your fetch-loving pup and watch as their delight grows with each toss and bounce. Its long-lasting construction ensures that your dog will enjoy countless hours of retrieving fun. Get ready for some high-energy playtime with the KONG Signature Ball!