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KONG Puppy Wubba Toy Small Assorted Colours

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Brand KONG

SKU 93095
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Product Benefits:



The KONG Puppy Wubba is a versatile toy designed specifically for puppies. It provides both interactive and solo play opportunities, making it a great choice for bonding with your puppy or for independent entertainment.

The toy features long, floppy tails that are perfect for shaking and tugging, satisfying your puppy's natural instincts. The tails also make the Puppy Wubba suitable for games of fetch, allowing your puppy to chase and retrieve the toy.

With a durable reinforced nylon exterior, the Puppy Wubba is designed to withstand the chewing and tugging of puppies. This ensures that the toy lasts longer, providing extended play sessions for your furry friend.

The unique ball shapes of the Puppy Wubba add an extra element of interest for puppies. They can bat and chase the balls, engaging their curiosity and enhancing their playtime experience.

Puppies are also delighted by the squeaking sound produced by the toy. It adds an interactive element to their play, encouraging them to engage with the Puppy Wubba and providing auditory stimulation.

Additionally, the flapping tails of the Puppy Wubba create unpredictable movement during play, making each game different and exciting for your puppy.

It's important to supervise your puppy while playing with the Puppy Wubba and ensure that the toy is in good condition. If any parts become damaged or loose, it's recommended to replace the toy for your puppy's safety.

Overall, the KONG Puppy Wubba is designed to provide fun and interactive play for puppies. With its durable construction, versatile design, and stimulating features such as squeaking and flapping tails, it's a great toy for promoting exercise, mental stimulation, and healthy play behaviors in your puppy.