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KONG Puppy Toy XSmall

Brand KONG

SKU 93219
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Product Benefits:



The Puppy KONG dog toy is specifically designed to cater to the needs of growing puppies with their baby teeth. Made from a unique, natural rubber formula, it is the most gentle option within the KONG rubber toy line, ensuring a safe and satisfying chewing experience.

Puppies go through a teething phase, and the Puppy KONG is designed to accommodate their 28 baby teeth. It helps promote appropriate chewing behaviour by providing a safe and durable outlet for their chewing instincts. By redirecting their focus to the Puppy KONG, you can discourage destructive chewing on inappropriate objects in your home.

The Puppy KONG offers enrichment and mental stimulation for younger pups. Its erratic bounce adds an element of unpredictability, making it engaging and exciting for playful puppies. It encourages them to chase, pounce, and interact with the toy, which is essential for their physical and cognitive development.

To make the Puppy KONG even more enticing, you can stuff it with treats or food. Stuffing it with puppy kibble and a dash of peanut butter not only extends playtime but also makes it a valuable tool for crate training. It helps create a positive association with the crate and keeps your puppy occupied and mentally stimulated.

You can enhance the fun and variety by including KONG Puppy Snacks, which are specially designed to fit into the toy, and topping it with KONG Puppy Easy Treat for added flavour and enjoyment.

Using the Puppy KONG provides a constructive and enjoyable outlet for your puppy's natural instincts, helps with teething discomfort, and aids in their training and development. Always supervise your puppy during playtime and inspect the toy regularly for signs of wear or damage. Replace the Puppy KONG if it becomes significantly worn or if any pieces become loose to ensure your puppy's safety.

With Puppy KONG, you can keep your growing puppy engaged, happy, and occupied while promoting appropriate chewing habits and providing mental and physical stimulation.