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KONG Puppy Binkie Small

Brand KONG

SKU 93096
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Product Benefits:



The KONG Binkie™ is a specially designed toy to help puppies with their chewing behavior. It is made from the unique puppy rubber material of KONG Classic, which is soft and gentle on puppies' teeth and gums. The Binkie™ fulfills their natural instinct to chew while providing relief for aching gums during the teething process.

The center of the Binkie™ can be filled with treats, turning it into an interactive and rewarding puzzle for your puppy. This treat-dispensing feature adds an extra challenge and keeps your puppy engaged and entertained. You can use KONG Puppy Snacks™ or KONG Puppy Easy Treat™ to stuff the Binkie™ and make chew sessions more exciting.

By using the KONG Binkie™, you can redirect your puppy's chewing behavior to an appropriate and satisfying outlet. This helps discourage destructive chewing of household items and promotes healthy dental habits.

It is important to choose the right size of the Binkie™ for your puppy and supervise their playtime with the toy. Inspect the toy regularly for any signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary.

Overall, the KONG Binkie™ is a great tool to help your puppy through the teething phase and teach them appropriate chewing behavior. It provides mental stimulation, soothes sore gums, and offers a fun treat-dispensing challenge to keep your puppy happily occupied.


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