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KONG Comfort Kiddos Elephant Small Dog Toys

Brand KONG

SKU 93181
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Product Benefits:



Experience the perfect balance of playtime and cuddle time with KONG Comfort Kiddos. These toys are designed to bring joy and comfort to your furry friend, making them ideal for both play sessions and snuggling.

Featuring a low tone bellow squeaker, the Comfort Kiddos grab your dog's attention and spark their curiosity. The gentle squeaking sound adds to the fun and keeps your dog engaged during play. For moments when you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere, the squeaker is easily removable. This makes it perfect for cuddle time, allowing your dog to enjoy a quieter and more relaxing experience. When it's time for play again, simply insert the squeaker back into the toy for countless indoor play sessions.

KONG Comfort Kiddos are designed with both entertainment and comfort in mind. These adorable critters come in five shapes and two sizes, offering a variety of options to suit different preferences and sizes of dogs. Whether it's a cuddly bear, a playful monkey, or any other charming character, these toys are sure to bring delight to both dogs and pet parents alike.

Choose KONG Comfort Kiddos to provide your dog with the best of both worlds – enjoyable playtime and cozy cuddles. These toys are designed to bring endless fun and comfort to your furry companion's life. Treat your dog to these adorable and versatile toys and watch them light up with joy.