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KONG Gyro Dog Toy Small

Brand KONG

SKU 93113
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Product Benefits:



Keep your dogs entertained and captivated with the KONG Gyro, a toy that offers irresistible roll and flip action. Designed with a center spinning orb and a static outer ring, this dynamic toy engages dogs to push, paw, and roll the Gyro, providing endless entertainment. As they interact with the toy, it delightfully dispenses tasty treat rewards, keeping your furry friend motivated and engaged.

The KONG Gyro is perfect for independent play, allowing dogs to have fun on their own. You can stuff it with their favourite snacks or kibble to add an extra level of excitement and prolong playtime. This interactive toy stimulates both their physical and mental abilities, providing a rewarding and engaging experience.

The KONG Gyro is available in both large and small sizes, catering to dogs of different breeds and sizes. Whether you have a small or big buddy, they can enjoy the entertainment and challenge provided by this dynamic toy.

Get the KONG Gyro and watch as your dog becomes enthralled by its roll and flip action, while also receiving tasty rewards along the way. It's an ideal addition to their playtime routine, offering both physical activity and mental stimulation.


    Customer Reviews

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    Maria Richardson
    Perfect shape

    My mum’s dog loves this style of Kong. She has to work a little bit harder to get to the food.

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