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KONG Refillables Hedgehog

Brand KONG

SKU 94517
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Product Benefits:



Introducing our soft and snuggly plush catnip toys, designed with a reclosable pouch that securely holds fresh catnip. These toys offer a delightful and interactive play experience for your feline companion.

Each toy is filled with a generous amount of KONG's premium North American catnip, which is included in a convenient reclosable vial. This allows you to easily add or replace the catnip as needed, ensuring that your cat always enjoys the full effects of its irresistible scent. When the catnip scent starts to fade, simply add more fresh catnip to rejuvenate the toy for another round of fun!

To maintain the freshness of the catnip, you can store it in the freezer. This will help preserve its potency and ensure that it remains enticing to your cat for an extended period.

The plush toy itself is machine washable, providing convenient cleaning options. Simply remove the catnip from the reclosable pouch before washing and follow the care instructions for best results.

Choose our plush catnip toys with reclosable pouches for a cozy and interactive playtime experience for your cat. With the ability to easily refresh the catnip and secure it in place, these toys are sure to provide ongoing entertainment and stimulation for your furry friend.


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