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KONG Cat Treat Dispensing Cat Ball

Brand KONG

SKU 94493
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Product Benefits:



Introducing the KONG Treat Ball, a challenging and entertaining toy designed to keep your cat busy, healthy, and happy. This interactive toy allows you to place treats inside and watch as your cat chases and swats it in an engaging game of play.

The Treat Ball provides mental stimulation and encourages your cat's natural hunting instincts. As they bat at the ball, it dispenses treats, rewarding their efforts and keeping them engaged for extended periods of play.

Not only does the Treat Ball provide entertainment, but it also promotes physical activity, keeping your cat active and helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By engaging in play with the KONG Treat Ball, your cat can satisfy their natural curiosity and stay mentally and physically stimulated. It's a fantastic way to provide enrichment and prevent boredom, especially when you're away or during times when your cat needs some extra engagement.

Invest in the KONG Treat Ball to keep your cat entertained and mentally engaged. Watch as they chase, swat, and enjoy the rewards of their efforts. Promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for your feline friend with this interactive and treat-dispensing toy.