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Komodo Solar D3 UV Basking Bulb 80W

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The Komodo Solar D3 UV Basking Bulb is a versatile all-in-one lighting solution that offers strong amounts of UVA, UVB, visible light, and heat through a single bulb. This makes it an excellent choice for reptiles that are open or partial sun baskers, as well as those that prefer mid-day sun.

This bulb is particularly beneficial for use in large enclosures, accommodating the needs of occasional baskers by allowing them to engage in natural behaviors like photo-regulation and thermoregulation according to their individual needs. Its design allows for easy installation in any suitable wattage ceramic ES fitting or reflector, making setup quick and efficient.

Key benefits of the Komodo Solar D3 UV Basking Bulb include:

  • Comprehensive Light and Heat: Delivers a balanced combination of UVA and UVB light alongside visible light and heat, mimicking natural sunlight.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Supports overall health and wellbeing, crucial for maintaining healthy, active reptiles.
  • Vitamin D3 Synthesis: The UVB light enables Vitamin D3 synthesis, which is essential for calcium metabolism and preventing metabolic bone disease.
  • Naturalistic Environment: Ideal for creating a naturalistic habitat, allowing reptiles to regulate their exposure to heat and light, as they would in the wild.

Using mercury vapor lamp technology, this bulb not only simulates natural sunlight but also ensures your reptilian pets have the optimal environment for a healthy and thriving life.


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