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Komodo Natural Sand Terrain 5kg

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Komodo Natural Sand is an ideal substrate choice for creating an arid habitat suitable for desert-dwelling reptiles. Made from natural materials, this sand replicates the texture and composition of desert environments, providing a comfortable and natural substrate for your reptile.

One of the key benefits of Komodo Natural Sand is its ability to encourage natural behaviors in reptiles, such as digging and burrowing. This is particularly important for species that originate from desert regions, as it allows them to engage in their natural behaviors and helps promote their overall well-being.

Additionally, Komodo Natural Sand provides a suitable surface for reptiles to lay eggs, mimicking the conditions found in their natural habitat. This makes it an excellent choice for breeding setups or for reptiles that may lay eggs in captivity.

Overall, Komodo Natural Sand is a versatile and practical substrate option for creating an authentic desert habitat for your reptile, while also promoting their natural behaviors and reproductive instincts.


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