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King British Catfish Pellets Food 600g

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King British Catfish Pellet Food is specifically formulated to cater to the dietary needs of catfish and other algae-eating fish. These sinking pellets provide a complete and balanced diet, ensuring optimal nutrition for your aquatic pets.

With a high protein content of 50%, this food helps support healthy growth and development in catfish and other algae eaters. The pellets are rich in essential amino acids, contributing to the overall well-being and vitality of your fish.

Additionally, King British Catfish Pellet Food has a high oil content of 15%. This is a crucial requirement for catfish, as it aids in maintaining their energy levels and supports their health and immune system.

By providing your catfish with this high-quality pellet food, you are ensuring that they receive all the necessary nutrients to thrive in their aquatic environment. The sinking nature of the pellets allows catfish and other bottom-dwelling fish to easily access their food and enjoy a natural feeding experience.

For a healthy and happy school of catfish and algae-eating fish, choose King British Catfish Pellet Food as their primary diet. Your aquatic companions will thank you for their vibrant colours and lively behaviour.


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King British Catfish Pellets Food 200g

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