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Johnsons Travel Eze Tablets for Dogs 24 tablets

Brand Johnsons

SKU 92380
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Discover a natural herbal product specifically designed to reduce the effects of motion sickness in cats and dogs, making travel more comfortable for your furry companions. This product harnesses the power of natural herbs to alleviate the symptoms associated with vehicle motion, helping to ease nausea and discomfort. By using this natural remedy, you can create a more pleasant travel experience for your pets and reduce the stress and unease often associated with motion sickness. Ensure a smoother journey for your beloved cats and dogs with this natural herbal solution.

Directions and Dosage

The number of tablets as below should be given 30 minutes before travelling.

Bodyweight No. of Tablets
Cats and Very Small Dogs Up to 4.5kg (10lb) 1
Cats and Small Dogs 4.5kg to 11 kg (10lb - 25lb) 2
Medium Dogs 11kg to 23kg (25 - 50lb) 4
Large Dogs 23kg to 36kg (50 - 80lb) 6
Very Large Dogs Over 36kg (80lb) 8


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