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Johnsons Poultry Anti Pek Spray 100ml

Brand Johnsons

SKU 94757
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Introducing an effective aid designed to help prevent feather plucking and self-harm in birds. This product offers a solution to address the underlying causes of these behaviours and promote a healthier and happier environment for your feathered friend. By using this aid in accordance with recommended guidelines and in combination with behavioural enrichment and proper care, you can help redirect your bird's attention and provide a more stimulating and fulfilling experience. Ensure the well-being of your bird by utilizing this aid as part of a comprehensive approach to address feather plucking and self-harm behaviours.

Directions for Use

Shake well before use. Cover or remove fo and water containers before spraying. Avoid spraying in bird's eyes.

Poultry: Spray each bird lightly from about 30cm 12 going only 4-6 gentle pumps of spray around the tail, vent and any affected parts. USE DAILY or as required.


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