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Johnsons Evening Primrose Oil Capsules for Dogs & Cats 60 capsules

Brand Johnsons

SKU 92541
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Introducing a natural dietary supplement and conditioner, specifically formulated to promote a healthy coat and skin in pets. This supplement contains a blend of essential nutrients and ingredients that support optimal coat and skin health. By incorporating this supplement into your pet's daily routine, you can help address dry skin, scurf, and irritations, providing relief and promoting a healthier skin condition. With its natural formulation, this supplement offers a gentle and effective way to support your pet's coat and skin, contributing to their overall well-being and comfort.

Daily Recommendation

Give whole or give the contents on food, according to the size of the animal as below:

  • Cats & Small Dogs (under 10kg)  1 capsule per day
  • Medium Dogs (10-25kg)  3 capsules per day
  • Large Dogs (25-45kg)  5 capsules per day
  • Very Large Dogs (over 45kg)  5-6 capsules per day


Do not exceed recommended dose.


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