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Johnsons Ear Drops for Cats & Dogs 15ml

Brand Johnsons

SKU 92579
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Discover a powerful solution enriched with natural Pyrethrum, specifically formulated to effectively eliminate ear mites in cats and dogs. This product not only kills ear mites but also helps soften wax, soothes irritation, and supports the healing process. Utilizing the natural properties of Pyrethrum, it offers a safe and efficient way to address ear mite infestations and provide relief to your pet. Ensure the well-being and comfort of your furry companions by incorporating this product into their ear care routine, following the recommended usage instructions.

Directions for Use

The drops should be gently warmed to body heat e.g. by holding the bottle in hand for a few minutes before use. Shake the bottle, hold it above the ear & very gently squeeze in 3-6 drops according to the size of the animal as shown below.

  • Cats & Very Small Dogs  3 drops
  • Small Dogs  4 drops
  • Medium Dogs 5 drops
  • Large Dogs 6 drops

Hold the head on one side for 15-20 seconds to allow drops to penetrate the ear canal, massaging gently the base of the ear before allowing the animal to shake its head. Use daily for 7 days. Always treat both ears, whether infected or not. To ensure complete clearance of mites, a second course of treatment as above may be given one week after the end of the first treatment. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.