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Johnsons Diamond Eyes for Dogs/Cats/Small Animals 125ml

Brand Johnsons

SKU 92580
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Introducing a unique tear stain remover and facial cleanser designed to effectively and safely clean the area beneath and around the eyes, while helping to prevent tear stains. This specialized product is suitable for dogs, cats, and small animals, providing a gentle yet effective solution for maintaining a clean and healthy facial area. By regularly using this tear stain remover and facial cleanser, you can keep your pet's eyes and surrounding areas free from stains and promote a fresh and tidy appearance.

Directions for Use

Liberally moisten a small piece of cotton wool or tissue with Diamond Eves and gently wipe the affected area around and under the eye, avoiding contact with the eye surface. Use fresh cotton wool or tissue for each eye. Use daily or as required. In stubborn cases, use three times daily for at least one week. Regular use is recommended to help prevent staining.

If the discharge is heavy or persistent, or in cases of other troublesome eye conditions, consult a Veterinary Surgeon promptly. May be used regularly as a face wash to cleanse all facial areas and as a cleansing agent for furrows On Bloodhounds. Boxers, Pekinese and other similar breeds.


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