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Johnsons Bitch Spray Aerosol 150ml

Brand Johnsons

SKU 92582
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This product serves as a helpful aid in protecting female dogs during their heat cycle by deterring the unwanted attention of male dogs. When used in conjunction with Bitch & Deodorant tablets, it provides comprehensive support for managing a dog's reproductive cycle. By utilizing these products together, you can effectively discourage male dogs from approaching and reduce the associated challenges during your female dog's season.

Directions for Use

Shake the can before use. Spray from about 300m idly a half-second spray to each side of hind quarters, also under the base of the tail. Use twice daily, particularly before exercising, when wild be kept on a lead to avoid any undue risk. If possible, com raging two or three days before Season starts, and continue dial neral days after termination. Also, spray around doors and gate dishes.


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