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Hill's Science Plan Adult Light Medium with Chicken Dry Dog Food 2.5kg

Brand Hills

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Maize, chicken and turkey meal, pea bran meal, maize gluten meal, digest, cellulose, animal fat, dried beet pulp, vegetable oil, minerals, flaxseed.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 22.6%, Fat content 10.3%, Crude fibre 12.4%, Crude ash 4.9%, Omega-6 fatty acids 2.8%, Calcium 0.73%, Phosphorus 0.52%, Sodium 0.27%, Potassium 0.74%, Magnesium 0.12%


Hill's SCIENCE PLAN Light Medium Adult dog food with Chicken is carefully formulated to offer precise nutrition for less active adult dogs, ensuring they maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

The food contains low calories and L-Carnitine, which work together to support the promotion of an ideal body weight for your medium-sized dog. This helps prevent excessive weight gain, keeping them in optimal shape and overall health.

Moreover, the diet incorporates satiety control properties, helping your dog feel satisfied between meals. This helps manage their hunger and reduces the temptation for unnecessary snacking, promoting a healthier eating pattern.

To enhance your dog's skin and coat health, the formula includes Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E. These essential nutrients contribute to maintaining beautiful skin and a shiny coat, ensuring your canine companion looks and feels their best.

In conclusion, Hill's SCIENCE PLAN Light Medium Adult dog food with Chicken provides the precise nutrition that less active medium-sized dogs need. With its focus on weight management, satiety control, and skin and coat care, this specially tailored food supports your dog's well-being and helps them lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Feeding Guide

Body weight (kg) Dry grams
2.5 60
5 105
7.5 140
10 175
20 295
30 400
40 495
50 590
60 + 11 per kg

Mixed feeding guide

Body weight (kg) Cans 370g Dry grams
2.5 1/2 10
5 1/2 55
7.5 1 40
10 1 75
20 1 195
30 2 200
40 2 295
50 2 385
60 + 2 8 per kg


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