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Hatchwell Nesting Material 40g

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Brand Hatchwell

SKU 95221
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The collection offers a wide range of soft, cosy, and functional nesting products specially designed for canary cages and nesting boxes. It includes nest felts and Universal Nestling, all aimed at providing a safe and comfortable space for baby birds.

The nest felts are crafted from soft materials that offer warmth and comfort, creating an ideal environment for canaries to lay their eggs and care for their young. These felt provide a soft surface for the eggs and nestlings to rest on, ensuring their well-being during the critical early stages of development.

The Universal Nestling is a versatile solution designed to provide a secure and snug space for baby birds in various nesting setups. Its soft and cosy design mimics the comfort and protection of a natural nest, promoting a healthy and stress-free environment for young canaries.

With these nesting products, you can ensure that your canaries have a safe and nurturing space to raise their offspring. Create the perfect nesting environment with these soft and functional products, allowing your birds to thrive and grow in the utmost comfort.


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